Reduce the daytime electricity bill of your school and unlock valuable resource for education with Lightsource Renewable Energy and free solar panel installation

Your school can now choose to procure ‘green’ solar power and reduce electricity costs whilst lowering its carbon footprint. Further benefits include bespoke educational resources developed to aid teaching in the classroom on the importance of sustainable energy generation, climate change and biodiversity.

Watch the video below to find out how Wilburton Primary School in Cambridge, benefits from solar panels installed by Lightsource.

A high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed on your school’s rooftop can result in up to a 60% reduction in daytime electricity costs, freeing up valuable resource that can be put towards educational priorities. Schools are ideally suited for solar PV installations as electricity usage is highest during daylight hours.

Educating future generations

Developing a solar PV project at your school will be an excellent opportunity to educate pupils on the importance of sustainable energy generation and provide a real demonstration on how climate change can be addressed.

Working with Lightsource Renewable Energy gives your school access to an online portal displaying real-time figures for electricity generation and CO2 savings and bespoke teaching resources which include interactive activities that encourage pupils to develop ideas to address climate change.

Reducing CO2 emissions

As well as reducing electricity bills, a solar PV system can significantly lower your schools carbon footprint.  A medium-size system can reasonably expect to mitigate several tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year, creating significant CO2 savings over the lifespan of a system.”

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