As well as providing clean electricity, solar projects also present an opportunity to support local businesses, skills and wildlife habitats

Although it is not a requirement of the planning process, we consider community involvement to be very important. Engaging with the community on our plans in the early stages of the design process achieves 2 things. We are able to address concerns, adapt our plans and take suggestions on board more easily, enabling us to ensure the final design we put forward to the council is the best it can be for us and for our would-be neighbours. Secondly, it opens a dialogue with local businesses, conservation groups, wildlife enthusiasts, shepherds, beekeepers… Not only giving them a chance to shape the design of the solar farm, but to get involved with construction and the on-going care of the land.

solar-stewardship-origCan solar farms make a difference?

Lightsource invited BBC Look East to film on one of the oldest large scale solar farms in the country, Wilburton solar farm in Cambridgeshire. The interview below outlines positive impacts the solar farm has had on local biodiversity.

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