Secure a competitive, long-term revenue stream that can be valuable for business growth and diversification

Lightsource’s ground mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) projects are installed alongside the priorities of your business and with local biodiversity in mind. The 25 to 30 year land rental scheme is index-linked and allows you to farm and produce energy on the same plot of land.

Our team of in-house planners and Development Managers will work closely with you to design a scheme that truly integrates within the needs of your enterprise and maximising the output of your landholdings.

Predictable, Long-Term Revenue Stream

Lightsource enters into a 25 year lease agreement with the landowner committing to a competitive rental income paid per acre in advance. The rental income is indexed-linked so it will rise annually with inflation.

Financing For Business Growth and Diversification

Solar Farm rental income is considered a favorable and secure revenue stream by banks and lenders working within rural business and agriculture sectors. Landowners of Lightsource solar farms have successfully obtained further financing through the rental income of the solar farm to purchase property, new equipment and as investment into other diversification projects.

Dual Land-Use

Solar panels and equipment typically occupy only 30% of the allocated leased area therefore the solar farm can also be used for a range of other benefits. The design of the solar farm can incorporate grazing of small livestock like sheep and poultry. Where large field margins are available, cropping can also be incorporated. The Development Managers at Lightsource will discuss land-use requirements in detail with you at the start of the project to ensure the solar farm is designed around the priorities of your farming enterprise.


Every solar farm is designed to incorporate a biodiversity management plan and the priorities of this plan will be discussed with you first before it is finalised. Some of Lightsource solar farms include habitat enhancements like bird and bat boxes and log piles, while some schemes that are not grazed are sown with wildflower seed mix and have bee hives installed on site to produce honey.

Retirement and Succession Planning

Lightsource understands that every rural business is unique and succession planning is an important part of family run enterprises. Some landowners already working with Lightsource, particularly dairy farmers, have been able to address and improve financial planning for the future through the secure income the solar farm provides.

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