Solar farms only occupy less than 30% of the leased area, allowing for dual land-use like grazing small livestock

Lightsource solar farms can be designed to include grazing as the panels can be raised off the ground at least 70mm high. A well designed solar farm could accommodate your exsisting stocking density working in harmony with your rural business.

On Marley Thatch solar farm in Devon, the sheep roam free around the solar farm grazing, whilst taking shelter from adverse weather underneath the panels.

Solar panels can be used as ‘shade and shelter’ for the free range hens with no further requirements to erect artificial shelters on your property. Lightsource will design the solar farm equipment to incorporate appropriate safety measures to protect the solar panels and equipment, allowing the hens to graze safely.

Benbole solar farm in Cornwall was the first large-scale solar farm in Bodmin to begin construction in the UK in 2011, with a total installed capacity of 1.74MWp, this 10 acre site consists of 7098 ground mounted solar panels that have been mounted to accommodate a flock of geese. Lightsource has also entered into a land management contract with the landowner, making an additional payment on-top of the monthly rental to ensure the grass is cut and hedges maintained in accordance with the land management plan.

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